Generator Packaging and Rebuilding Services

Complete packaging and refurbishment services for all makes and sizes of generators

Containerized Generators

Containerized Generators or Power Modules are typically generators that  are 500kW and larger that have been installed in ISO shipping containers. We have the resources and capabilities to install  new, used or refurbished generators in these modified shipping containers while insuring that generator being installed will operate at optimal conditions. Each containerized generator is carefully engineered for air flow, cooling, sound attenuation, spacing and serviceability.  

Generator Rebuilding

There is many great deals out there for generators if your willing to refurbish them. We offer complete rebuilding services from engine  rebuilds to enclosure and trailer restoration. We can bring that tired generator back to life saving you thousands or even hundreds of thousands over buying new.


Generator enclosures vary in design depending on your need and requirements. These types of enclosure can be made from various materials such as mild steel, aluminum, stainless steel, fiberglass or even precast concrete. We have the resources and capabilities to design and engineer generator enclosures for your specific requirements.


KSL Power Services has the resources to fabricate generator skids, trailers, UL 142 fuel tanks, small parts and components. 

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