Power Failure or Outage Simulation Testing

This test puts all your planning and projecting to work.
This type of test is often performed after hours for the least impact on regularly scheduled work. The power will go out for a short period of time. After everyone has been informed and is ready to begin the test, we start by tripping the breakers that feed into your Automatic Transfer Switch. The power will be out for approximately 10 to 30 seconds while the generator starts, stabilizes and the ATS initiates the transfer of power from utility lines to the generator.
Note: NFPA 110 Emergency Power Systems must be online and supporting load within 10 seconds of initial loss of power.
If you have a battery UPS system in place, the UPS should take up the power load immediately so you see no power failure.
After the ATS makes the transfer to the generator we verify the loads are equal on all legs of power. We recommend to test your system, that you turn on all equipment that is supported by the generator at this time to verify the generator can handle the load.  This portion of the test typically lasts 15 to 30 minutes.
We will then restore the utility to the breakers and verify that the ATS sees that utility is available and transfers the load back to utility. The generator should then go through a cool down cycle and shut itself off after about 10 minutes. If any problems arise we will know about it and be able to make adjustments on site.

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